Hot One




7.0/10 rating (62 votes)
Hot One

Chilli base, green pepper, beef cubes & onion If you are looking for a pizza that has been created to celebrate the land of chillis, green peppers, beef and onions, the hot one pizza is undoubtedly the perfect choice. Portable pleasure have never been this delicious, plus when you sink your teeth into the hot one pizza there will be tears of joy and tears of pain that will spring to the eye. If you are brave enough and enjoy a bit of spice in your life, this pizza is the right one for you, every time. A culinary surprise, joy and adventure of note – but remember that if you want to go a little further with this joyful meal, it might be a good idea to add something a little extra to make it even more titillating. pizza such as the hot one are a rare joy that will have you begging for the Tequila to quench the flames.

Note: You pay for the more expensive of the two pizzas ordered. No menu substitutions