6.8/10 rating (52 votes)

Bolognaise mince, green pepper & onion (jalapeño optional) The bolognaise pizza is the best of Italy and the finest of South Africa (or Mexico) all combined on one pizza base. If you love mince but you also love pizza – the two together will combine in a symphony of gastronomic delights. Bolognaise mince, green pepper as well as onion (with the extra-added option of jalapeños) will result in a delicious, filling bonanza having you return for an encore every time. Bolognaise pizza is a newish concept, but is here to stay for time immemorial. For the more adventurous, try a couple of toppings that will take this fine creation to the next level, and will have you singing its praises in soprano notes.

Note: You pay for the more expensive of the two pizzas ordered. No menu substitutions