BBQ Spare Rib & Pineapple




8.4/10 rating (61 votes)
BBQ Spare Rib & Pineapple

Smokey barbeque base, spare rib & pineapple “Simply fabulous” sums up our BBQ spare rib and pineapple creation in two words. Don’t’ let the idea of trying out new combinations stop you in your tracks – once tried and tested you will be salivating just thinking of this wonderful mix of ingredients on a fine pizza base. Fantasising about this incredible BBQ spare rib and pineapple combo will bring tears to your eyes and rumbles to your stomach. This much sought-after pizza tastes even better with a couple of artistic toppings added for a bit of extra zing. Tried and tested the BBQ spare rib and pineapple pizza’s ratings will come up trumps every time.

Note: You pay for the more expensive of the two pizzas ordered. No menu substitutions