Terms & Conditions

Roman's Pizza Terms & Conditions

Please note: You pay for the more expensive of the two pizzas ordered. You will be charged for all extra toppings. Price applies for single topping per pizza. No menu substitutes. Right of Admission Reserved.

Roman's Pizza Voucher Terms & Conditions

Printed Vouchers

This voucher may only be redeemed at the branch specified, for any Roman's Pizza menu product to the value as shown on this voucher (Rands only). Vouchers may not be exchanged for cash. No change shall be given should the order amount be less than the total voucher amount. Should the total order amount exceed the total voucher amount, Roman's Pizza requires the customer or bearer of this voucher to pay in the excess amount.

One voucher per transaction allowed. Printed Vouchers valid for use in South Africa only. For any assistance or queries, please let us know at [email protected]

Virtual Vouchers

This voucher may be redeemed at any Roman’s Pizza store, for any Roman’s Pizza menu product to the value as shown on the voucher (Rands only). Voucher may not be exchanged for cash. No change shall be given should the order amount be less than the total voucher amount. Voucher is valid for 6 months from date of issue. The voucher sms message as displayed on cell phone, with valid voucher number, required to be provided in store on redemption. Should the total order amount exceed the total voucher amount, Roman’s Pizza requires the customer or bearer of the voucher to pay in the excess amount.

Virtual Vouchers valid for use in South Africa only. For any assistance or queries, please let us know at [email protected]

Competition and Promotion Terms & Conditions

  • To be eligible for the competition, participants or entrants must reside in the Republic of South Africa, unless otherwise stated;
  • The deadline or period for the competition or promotion is clearly stated on in-store POS material for each competition or promotion. No entries will be accepted after that date;
  • Any requirements to be eligible for the competition in addition to the terms and conditions listed in this section will be clearly stated for each competition;
  • The outcome of the competition is subject to the decision of the judge, photographer or organiser of the competition, whose decision is final, and no negotiations and or correspondence will be entered into after the fact;
  • By participating in the competition, you agree to release and hold Roman’s Pizza harmless from any and all losses, harm, damages, rights, claims and actions of any kind in connection with the competition, promotion or special offer or resulting from the participation in any competition or acceptance, possession, use or receiving of any prize, including, without limitation, personal injuries, death and property damage, and claims based on publicity rights, defamation or invasion of privacy;
  • Roman’s Pizza reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to cancel or suspend any competition or promotion;
  • In the event where a competition or promotion is cancelled or suspended, all participants or entrants agree to waive any rights that they may have in terms of the competition and acknowledge that they have no recourse against Roman’s Pizza, their employees, agents, partners, suppliers, sponsors or promoters;
  • The agreement or transaction entered into, or payment made by or under it, would not give rise to any legal relationship, rights, duties or consequences whatsoever, nor will be legally enforceable, nor the subject of litigation, but all such arrangements, agreements and transactions would be binding in honor only;
  • The prize winner will be notified via email or telephone call and information could be published on the Roman’s Pizza web-site;
  • Only one participant or entrant per household is entitled to winning one prize;
  • If the prize is not claimed within 30 days of the prize-winner being announced, the winner forfeits the prize and Roman’s Pizza reserves the right to redistribute or dispose of the prize at its discretion;
  • Prizes may not be exchanged for cash or any other prize, nor are they transferable;
  • Participants or entrants must have attained the age of eighteen (18) at the time of the competition, unless otherwise stipulated;
  • Roman’s Pizza reserves the right to limit the number of entries made by any one participant or entrant for a competition;
  • Where public draws take place participants or entrants will forfeit their participation in the competition if they fail to attend the draws, unless specified otherwise;
  • No member of Roman’s Pizza and / or any of their affiliated companies or agencies, and members of their immediate family; nor members of the sponsors of any competition, or any of their affiliated companies or agencies, and members of their immediate family, may enter any of the competitions offered partly or in whole by Roman’s Pizza South Africa;
  • Roman’s Pizza South Africa and its sub-contractors are not responsible for lost, delayed, misdirected, unintelligible or incomplete electronic mail, telephone, electronic hardware and software program, network, internet and computer malfunctions, failures and difficulties, errors in transmission or any condition caused by events beyond the control of Roman’s Pizza which may cause the competition to be disrupted or corrupted;
  • Winners of specific competitions accept that certain other conditions may apply as prescribed by Roman’s Pizza or the respective sponsor of the specific competition or promotion;
  • Subject to sponsor conditions or other agreements, Roman’s Pizza undertakes to deliver prizes to respective winners only where such winners are located and reside within the geographical area defined by the specific competition. Winners resident or located anywhere outside of the defined area will be accountable for any costs incurred by the collection or receiving of any prize/s that they have won;
  • The participants or entrants entering or taking part in the competition authorise Roman’s Pizza to publish or distribute any or all the details of the participant or entrant and or to take pictures of the participant or use the participant’s details or photographs in any advertising or promotional material without any liability on the part of Roman’s Pizza and or remuneration due to the participant or entrant;
  • Any violation or attempt to violate any of the above terms and conditions will result in the immediate disqualification of the participant or entrant;
  • By participating in any competition hosted partly or in whole by Roman’s Pizza, participants further agree to be bound by Roman’s Pizza web-site Terms and Conditions;
  • Roman’s Pizza shall not be liable for the sale of items or services at lower prices if such prices were increased and users or purchasers could not, for any reason whatsoever, conclude an agreement of sale while such prices remained lower;
  • Roman’s Pizza reserves the right to change the pricing at any time, or retract any offering made on this site or in writing;
  • Any offering made on this site is subject to approval and confirmation by Roman’s Pizza;
  • Roman’s Pizza will not be held responsible for any mistakes or discrepancies contained in any special offer;
  • Any terms and conditions relevant to any special offer, promotion or competition may not be amended except by publication on this web site or in terms of a written agreement signed by Roman’s Pizza.


1. Roman’s Pizza offers a gluten free pizza base only, not a gluten free pizza. This pizza is not a low carb pizza alternative.

2. The Roman’s Pizza kitchens contain wheat flour as dough is made fresh daily in store, as well as carry ingredients that contain gluten, thus cross-contamination is possible.

3. While we take meticulous care to please our gluten free customers, we don’t recommend it for those with celiac disease and caution customers with gluten sensitivities.

4. Roman’s Pizza will not be held responsible for any illness or death due to cross-contamination, allergies, or any other food/ingestion related issues which may occur during store operations.

5. The Roman’s pizza gluten free base is made with specifically selected gluten free ingredients, including starch and flour from non-gluten sources such as potato flour, rice flour and maize starch. It does not contain added wheat flour.

6. Allergens: Soya

7. Water, Gluten Free Pizza Base Premix [Corn Starch, Rice Flour, Potato Flour, Stabilisers, Sugar, Raising Agents, Salt, Emulsifier, Preservative (Calcium Propionate)], Canola Seed Oil, Yeast.

**Available at selected stores**

Birthday Discount Terms & Conditions

  • Customer must visit a store in person and present either of the following documents as proof:
  • Valid ID Document or
  • Valid Birth Certificate or
  • Valid Passport or
  • Valid Driver’s License.
  • Value of birthday discount is 20% off of your purchase.
  • Discount only applicable on customer’s birthday specifically – One day only offer.
  • Special offers not excluded from birthday discount. All specials will be honoured with a discount of 20%.
  • Any institutions, schools & organizations with standing orders are excluded from birthday discounts. Applicable to public customers only.
  • Discount does not apply when sending another customer on your behalf to collect with above documentation. Actual person with the birthday in the above mentioned documentation has to make the collection from store in order for discount to be valid.
  • Discount only applicable to citizens with documentation as stated above from Botswana, Lesotho and South Africa.

*T’s & C’s Apply.  Stock is subject to supplier availability which may directly affect the stock levels available from Roman’s Pizza, however Roman’s Pizza will endeavour to have ample stock available and to maintain consistency of pricing for the duration of the campaign.


  1. Roman’s Pizza offers a Belgian Waffle dessert. A premium product which is a sweet waffle with high pearl sugar level.
  2. Topping options include: Cinnamon Sugar, Icing Sugar, Chocolate Syrup or Maple Syrup.
  3. Allergens: Wheat, Eggs, Soy, Milk
  4. Ingredients: Wheat Flour, Sugar 27%, Margarine (Vegetable fats and oil (palm and rapeseed; in variable proportions), water, salt, emulsifier: lecithins-E471 a(ii)), Eggs, Yeast, Invert Sugar Syrup, Soy Flour, Glucose Syrup, Stabilizing: Sorbitol, Salt, Vanilla Flavour
  5. Each waffle weighs 90 grams prior to toppings being added on
  6. Full nutritional values can be found in our Nutritional Analysis

Roman's Pizza R99 Campaign

  1. The offer is R99 for one (1) box containing two (2) large pizzas.
  2. The aforementioned 2 large pizzas must be single/one (1) topping pizzas in order for the offer to be valid.
  3. Each pizza will be a classic cheese (tomato base and mozzarella cheese) and a topping of choice, per pizza, can be added to each pizza of the two (2) pizzas in the one (1) box.
  4. The toppings on each pizza of the two (2) pizzas in the one (1) box do not have to be the same. Each pizza can have a different choice of one topping.
  5. Examples: 1 box of 2 large pizzas = 1 x classic cheese plus pepperoni + 1 x classic cheese plus olives. OR 1 box of 2 large pizzas = 1 x classic cheese plus chicken + 1 x classic cheese plus chicken.
  6. If more than one topping is chosen for each pizza, the extra toppings will be charged for as per standard terms and conditions of Roman’s Pizza at standard menu price.
  7. The offer is valid from 19 July 2018 till 31 August 2018, all day, every day.