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  • Address: Darras Centre, Cnr Kitchner Avenue & Leander Str
  • Phone Number: 0116143884

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  • Best pizza best value
  • 2 delicious pizzas, 1 big box for 1 low price

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  • Address: Darras Centre, Cnr Kitchner Avenue & Leander Str
  • Phone Number: 0116143884

  • Single, Small Pizza Deals
In the city of Johannesburg in the Gauteng Province is the hilly suburb of Kensington. The neighbourhood is residential in nature has plenty of restaurants and coffee shops scattered throughout the suburb.

There is also a Roman's Pizza in the Kensington suburb which opened early in October. Roman's Pizza is a fast food outlet that allows the people of Kensington to indulge in a pizza takeaway that is not just great value but also great quality.

The ingredients that Roman's Pizza uses to create their Debonair pizzas come from Greece and Italy as well as being sourced from local areas so you can be sure that they are fresh. The pizzas are made to order which means that they are created fresh and then baked which is when you can collect your takeaway, as soon as it leaves the oven as Romans do not have Scooters.

The great value of Roman's Pizza pizzas features in their Perfect two pizza deal. Every time one order is placed you will always get two of these pizzas. You are able to mix and match these pizzas so that you can get two of your favourite pizzas or you can keep your whole family happy with the pizza takeaway.

Choose your size, choose your flavour, choose your pizza

  • Pepperoni Deluxe
  • BBQ Chicken Supreme
  • Bacon Supreme
  • Hot One Pizza
  • Chick 'n Mayo (feta)
  • Pizza Quattro
  • Bolognaise
  • Classic Cheese

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