BBQ Spare Rib & Mushroom




8.3/10 rating (45 votes)
BBQ Spare Rib & Mushroom

Smokey barbeque base, spare rib & mushroom This divine barbeque base, spare rib and mushroom pizza is the creation with the seriously hungry South African individual in mind. The unique and quirky combination of the ingredients as well as the down-to-earth flavour is captured in the fun of this pizza . Extra toppings are a must when testing this delectable delight for the very first time, although the BBQ spare rib and mushroom fantasy creation is superb just as it is. The best part of all is that we don’t have to masquerade under any pretenses as this is a truly honest gastronomic delight fit for a king (or queen).

Note: You pay for the more expensive of the two pizzas ordered. No menu substitutions